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Robert Wendel has been awarded The American Prize, 2014, Judge's Special Citation
for "Music for Use. Well Crafted, Accessible and Performance-Ready."

Upcoming Performances

As of 11/16/2014, over 260 performances of holiday music
from our catalog will be performed in 181 concerts this year:


  • 21st - Jacksonville Sym. (FL), Quad Cities Sym. (IA),
  • 22nd - Riverside Co. Phil. (CA), Quad Cities Sym. (IA),
  • 25th - North Carolina Sym., Quad Cities Sym. (IA),
  • 26th - North Carolina Sym., Carolina Phil.(NC)
  • 28th - North Carolina Sym.
  • 29th - York Sym. (PA), North Carolina Sym., Winston-Salem Sym.
  • 30th - Winston-Salem Sym.,


  • 1st - Ulster Orch. (Ireland)
  • 2nd - Clemson Univ.
  • 3rd - Ulster Orch. (Ireland), Houston Sym., Utah Valley Sym.
  • 4th - Baton Rouge Sym., Ulster Orch. (Ireland), Mid-Atlantic Sym. (MD), Utah Valley Sym.
  • 5th - Philly Pops, Phoenix Sym., Milwaukee Sym., Columbus Sym. (OH), Duluth-Superior Sym., Ulster Orch. (Ireland), Dayton Phil., Mid-Atlantic Sym. (MD), Columbus Sym. (GA)
  • 6th - Philly Pops, Houston Sym., Milwaukee Sym., Columbus Sym. (OH), Kansas City Sym., Kennett Symphony (PA), Phoenix Sym., Salt Lake Sym., Richardson Sym. (TX), Nova Vista Sym. (CA), Dayton Phil., Mid-Atlantic Sym. (MD), Fresno Phil., Richmond Sym. (VA), Quincy Sym. (IL), Reno Sym.
  • 7th - Philly Pops, Houston Sym., Milwaukee Sym., Columbus Sym. (OH), Phoenix Sym., Sym. Of SE Texas., Baton Rouge Sym., Yakima Sym., Dayton Phil., Mid-Atlantic Sym. (MD), Fort Bend Sym., Lynn Univ. (FL), Richmond Sym. (VA), Newark-Granville Sym. (OH), Reno Sym.
  • 9th - Toronto Symphony, Wichita Sym., Grand Rapids Sym., Symphony Nova Scotia,
  • 10th - Toronto Symphony, Philly Pops, North Carolina Sym.
  • 11th - National Sym. (DC), Desert Sym. (CA), Kansas City Sym., Toronto Sym., North Carolina Sym.
  • 12th - Philly Pops, National Sym. (DC), Houston Sym., Buffalo Phil., Orchard Park Sym (NY), Boise Phil., Charleston Sym. (SC), Kansas City Sym., Toronto Sym., North Carolina Sym.
  • 13th - Philly Pops, National Sym. (DC), Houston Sym., Buffalo Phil., St. Cloud Sym., Symphony NH., Boise Phil., Charleston Sym. (SC), SW Michigan Sym., Kansas City Sym., Brantford Sym. (ONT), Classical/Pops All Star Orch. (Barbados), Albany Sym. (GA), Big Spring Sym (TX), Orchestra Kentucky,
  • 14th - Philly Pops, Houston Sym., Charleston Sym. (SC), Lexington Phil., Monroe Sym. (LA), Kansas City Sym., Texarkana Sym., DuPage Sym., Motor City Sym. (MI), St. Andrew United Methodist Orch. (TX), Nassau Pops (LI-NY)
  • 15th - Philly Pops,
  • 16th - North Carolina Sym., Williamsport Sym. (PA), Grand Rapids Sym.
  • 17th - Philly Pops, Grand Rapids Sym.
  • 18th - Kansas City Sym., North Carolina Sym., Royal Scottish National Orch., Grand Rapids Sym., Wisconsin Chamber Orch., San Diego Sym.
  • 19th - Philly Pops, New York Pops, Windsor (ONT), Royal Scottish National Orch., Houston Sym., Atlanta Sym., Venice Sym (FL), Kansas City Sym., Virginia Sym., Cyprus Sym. (Cyprus), Lancaster Sym. (PA), Wisconsin Chamber Orch., Toldeo Sym., San Diego Sym., Garland Sym.(TX), New World Sym.(FL), Annapolis Sym.,
  • 20th - Philly Pops, New York Pops, Windsor (ONT), Royal Scottish National Orch., Atlanta Sym., Flint Sym., Hamilton Phil. (ONT), Venice Sym (FL), Orchestra Iowa, Kansas City Sym., NM Phil., Tucson Sym., New Bedford (MA), Virginia Sym., Williamson Co. Sym. (PA), Rockford Sym. (IL), Cyprus Sym. (Cyprus), South Bend Sym., Toledo Sym., San Diego Sym., Chesapeake Youth Symphony, New World Sym.(FL),
  • 21st - Windsor (ONT), Royal Scottish National Orch., Flint Sym., La Canada (CA), Kansas City Sym., Tuscon Sym., Taipei City Symphony (Taiwan), Rockford Sym. (IL), Lancaster Sym. (PA), South Bend Sym., Missouri Sym., San Diego Sym., New Albany Sym.(OH),
  • 22nd - Cyprus Sym. (Cyprus),
  • 24th - Taipei City Symphony (Taiwan),

Distinguished Company

Our arrangements are now in the active repertory of the following entities:


The Cincinnati Pops, The New York Pops, The Boston Pops Orchestra, The Philly Pops, Cleveland Pops, The Louisville Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, The Cleveland Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Houston Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Hollywood Bowl Symphony, The National Symphony, The Pittsburgh Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Jacksonville Symphony, The Louisville Orchestra, Indianapolis Symphony, San Diego Symphony, Oregon Symphony, West Virginia Symphony, Winston-Salem Symphony, The Nassau Pops, Knoxville Symphony, Columbus (OH) Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony, Hartford Symphony, New Haven Symphony, New Jersey Symphony, Stamford Symphony, Anchorage Symphony, Reno Philharmonic, Hot Spring Music Festival, Napa Valley Symphony, Fresno Philharmonic, Long Beach Symphony, San Jose Symphony, Greeley Philharmonic, Delaware Symphony, Palm Beach Pops, Florida Orchestra, Naples Philharmonic, Florida W Coast Symphony, Brevard Symphony, Boca Pops, Columbus (GA) Symphony Orchestra, Albany (GA) Symphony, Georgia Southern Univ. Orchestra, Augusta Symphony, Dubuque Symphony, Illinois Symphony, Lake Forest Symphony, DuPage Symphony, Elgin Symphony, Bloomington (IN) Pops, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Northwest Indiana Symphony, Evansville Philharmonic, Terre Haute Symphony, Wichita Symphony, Owensboro Symphony, Shreveport Symphony, Saint Cloud Symphony, Baton Rouge Symphony, Cape Ann Symphony, Cape Cod Symphony, Yakima Symphony, Maryland Symphony, Portland (ME) Symphony, West Shore Symphony, Southwest Michigan Symphony, Flint Symphony, Meridian Symphony, Greensboro Symphony, Charlotte Symphony, New Mexico Symphony, Canton Symphony, Mansfield Symphony, Akron Symphony, Warren Symphony, Altoona Symphony, Westmoreland Symphony, Greenville Symphony, Jackson Symphony, Nashville Symphony, Garland Symphony, North East Texas Symphony, Texarkana Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Midland-Odessa Symphony, Irving Symphony, San Angelo Symphony, Amarillo Symphony, Riverside County Philharmonic, Lubbock Symphony, McLean Orchestra, Richardson Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Richmond Symphony, Wichita Falls Symphony, Everett Symphony, Tacoma Symphony, Wheeling Symphony, West Hartford Symphony, Las Colinas Symphony, Mid-Atlantic Symphony, Orchestra Iowa, Williamsburg Sinfonia, The Danville Symphony, Maine Pro Musica, LaPorte County Symphony, The Big Spring Symphony, and The New Britain Symphony.

And Overseas

The BBC Symphony, The London Philharmonic, and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, The Scottish Opera Orchestra, The Ulster Orchestra, RTE National Symphony, (UK), The Bochum Symphony, Vogtland Philharmonie, and Landesbühnen Sachsen (Germany), Orchestre Symphonique Divertimento and Opera de Toulon (France), The Warsaw Philharmonic (Poland), Gavle Symphony and Swedish Radio Symphony AB and the KTHs Akademiska Orchestra (Sweden), Toronto Symphony, The Calgary Philharmonic, The Edmonton Symphony, The Winnipeg Symphony, The Brantford Symphony, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia, and Ensemble Euterpe (Canada), Orchestra ICO Magna Grecia (Italy), The Malaysian Philharmonic (Kuala Lampur), The Tasmanian Symphony, Queensland Symphony, The Brisbane Symphony, Melbourne Recital Centre, and The Darwin Symphony (Australia), The Puerto Rico Philharmonic, The Classical/Pops All-Star Orchestra (Barbados), The Cyprus Symphony, The Nissi Orchestra (South Korea), The Singapore Symphony, The Singapore National Youth Symphony, Taipei City Symphony, and The Hong Kong Symphony.


Steven Reineke, Michael Krajewski, David Charles Abell, John Morris Russell, George Albert Schramm, Carl Topilow, Don Pippin, Peter Nero, Marvin Hamlisch, and Erich Kunzel.

May we add your name to this distinguished list?

General Information


Prices are for 1 performance only. Extra performances within a 30-day period are pro-rated at +50% for the 2nd performance, and +25% each for the 3rd performance and beyond. A charge will be made for materials lost or not erased (except for bowings). There is a restocking fee of $50 if cancellation notice is received BEFORE contracted performance date. We DO NOT refund for "rain outs." We DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for longer rental periods. If your orchestra needs more time for rehearsals, that's just fine with us!


We prefer payment by check, but you can pay us via PayPal using your credit card. However, if using PayPal, we must add a 3% surcharge to cover PayPal's charges to us. Only in this way can we keep our prices as low as possible for the majority of our clients.



Prices include priority mail shipping within the United States. Overnight shipping is available at an extra charge, or on your own FEDEX account. For orders from outside the United States, international shipping and currency conversion charges apply. BMI and ASCAP fees are NOT included and are the responsibility of the performing organization. Payment must accompany your order. - International Orders, recipient is responsible for any tariffs or import duties!

Online Ordering

For your convenience, orders can be submitted via our online order form which is now available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian! Most orders received during business hours are processed within 60 minutes or less! Just click here to order.


For additional information, or to place an order, send us an e-mail or use the online order form, otherwise phone or fax us at (212) 928-9094,

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